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    In 16 years we have represented thousands of clients worldwide. We have travelled abroad to represent clients in complex cases. This has provided us with in-depth invaluable knowledge.
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    We have worked hard to build our reputation. Integrity and dedication is central to everything we do. We provide honest and professional advice. Our ethics are reflected in our client testimonials.
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    We are passionate about the work we do. We believe your success is our success. Our satisfied clients are the best source of future business.

Welcome to NT Associates LLP

We specialise exclusively in UK Immigration and Nationality Law. We are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner(OISC) at the highest level. We have been providing immigration services since 1999 and have represented clients worldwide. Immigration law is complex and with the rules constantly changing we strongly recommend that you use specialists to support and represent you from the start. Call us now for an honest opinion of your case, possible costs and options.


Family Visitor, Student Visitor, Child Visitor, Marriage Visitor, Medical Visitor, Business Visitor, Sports Visitor, Entertainer Visitor, Prospective Entrepreneur Visitor.


General, Minister of Religion, Sports Person, Intra Company Transfer.


General, Minister of Religion, Sports Person, Intra Company Transfer.

Family Members

Spouse Visa, Fiancee Visa, Dependant Relatives, Adopted Children, Civil Partnership, Unmarried Partner.

ILR Applications

Marriage, Tier 1, Tier 2, Domestic Violence, Bereaved Spouse, Dependants, Domestic Worker, 10 Year Rule, 20 Year Rule.


Adult Student, Child Student.


Advocacy and Representation (All Categories).


Naturalisation, Children Of British Citizens And Settled People, Registering A Person Under 18 As A British Citizen.

Other Categories

EU/EEA Applications, Temporary Admission, NTL Applications, TOC Applications, Detention, Bail.


"Fabulous service from a totally professional company!"

- Managing Director, Atlas FM Ltd 

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We are a private company of immigration consultants, completely independent of any agency of the UK government. Anybody can make a UK visa application by going directly to the UK Visas and Immigration Home Office web site, downloading the relevant form, paying the specified fee and submitting the application. However the process is often not straightforward because of the increasing complexity of UK immigration rules. What seem to be the simplest of applications can end in failure because the applicant inadvertently fails to meet a requirement in the rules. In our experience, the probability of success is considerably greater when people choose to use our professional services as described above. We are contracted by Ortex Oil and Gas Company PLC to process all their foreign employed immigrate visas.